Friday, 22 January 2016

How to Use WhatsApp as Search Engine

WhatsApp is one of the largest messaging app available and I guess majority of us don't even remember when last you sent SMS to someone because WhatsApp is always their for you. Their are some amazing things you can do with WhatsApp aside of chatting and laughing your ass out.

Do you know that, you can use WhatsApp as mini search engine to search anything out within WhatsApp platform? Yea! You can in easy steps.

A group from India created a WhatsApp bot which allows its users to access certain services ordinarily accessible on the internet only and not through WhatsApp. You can search anything and it will reply you instantly.

Football lovers are really going to love this because it gives you live update of football matches.

This is how it works
==>First of all add Whatsapp bot called wikibot to your contact list
==>Create a new whatsapp group and add wikibot to the group +919043489211
==>Open the newly created group and simply message hi and you'll get your reply.

To search for something, just type wiki and the name of what you want to search for. E.g wiki nicki minaj.

That's how it work. If we have Wikipedia, then we must surely have wikiWhatsApp

Now you've known it, let us know what you searched first :)

Updated: You can also get live football updates from Wikibot. Just add +917401030226 to your contact and add it in the group you created.

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