Sunday, 31 January 2016

Simple Android Server V4.0 Now Available - Browse Till Mama's Call

It is an unbeatable facts that Simple Android Server has been saving internet users lives since 1900BC and it still does. I wonder how many people will be able to use MTN Bis on Android if not for the likes of Simple Android Server For Android and PC.

It has been upgraded to the latest version 4.0 and it comes with lots of features, proxy servers with free VPN; among which are the once listed below:

New Features of Simple Android Server V4.0

1. You now have free VPN servers on version 4.0
2. Added auto-restart for local server for premium users
3. If your VPN becomes too slow, restarting vpn connection will fix the issue
4. You now have front query, back query and host replacement features in this version
5. And lots more waiting for you to explore.

Some people are complaining it has stopped working, It stopped working for you probably because you still have the old version installed on your device.

To fully maximize these new features on simple android servers, a fresh install is advisable. Delete the old one, and install this latest version.
Settings still remain the same...

Where Can I Download it?
Download it from playstore here

It works and it rocks... You can go premium if you want but if you have any question regarding this, kindly use the comment box and it will be attended to.

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