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Top 10 Android Hacking Tricks

As you all know android is the mobile OS powered by Google and its one of the fastest growing OS in the world. In January 2015, there were 1 billion active android mobile phone users and the number is still growing. It almost covers 70% of the smart phone market.

So, in today's tutorial we will see some amazing android hacking tricks which you might not know. As there are millions of people using android phones but still there are some hidden android tricks which you might don't know.

10 Best Android Hacking Tricks:

Trick 1 :- Force Reboot Android OS is pretty heavier and due to this our phone gets freezes usually. What you do in such cases ? As none of your phone key will work. You just have one option and i.e just remove your mobile phone battery and insert it again.

But this is not a real solution right. You can also do "Force Reboot" in android just by pressing power button + home button + volume up button. This will automatically restart your android phone.

Trick 2 :- Reboot Android In Safe Mode 
Like our computers, you can also run android in safe mode in case if something went wrong. The latest android version i.e jelly bean and after, supports this functionality. This was the must needed functionality in android as sometimes external/3rd party apps may causes problems.

So, in safe mode all the 3rd party applications will be disabled and you can use your phone normally. You can use those 3rd party application, when you reboot your android phone manually.

So, to reboot your android phone in safe mode,

Long press the power button. Long press on the power off option.

Trick 3 :- Google Access

Which is your favorite search engine ? I guess google right and how frequently you need searching ? Very oftenly right.

In android you don't have to open your browser and go to google's homepage every time you wanted to use it. You can just use below mentioned trick,

Just long press your menu key and it will launch google search instantly.

Trick 4 :- Unlock Android Phone Using Face Detection

I guess heading tells the whole story. Yes its true now you can unlock your android phone by using face detection technology.

This tech is only supportable in jelly bean and after versions. Even person has to blink his/her eye to prove that he's alive. The phone is not going be unlocked by using hard copy of the images.

So, I can say its pretty safer mobile phone lock system. To activate it,

Go to settings >> Security >> Screen Lock >> Face Unlock.

Trick 5 :- Move Android apps to SD apps

Its always a good idea to install all your apps in SD card instead of installing them in phone memory.

Phone memory is something which makes your phone run faster so you must save it. Though some apps can't be moved in SD card. So, just leave them and move rest of the apps.

To execute this trick,

Go to setting >> Application settings >> manage application >> select the application, and you will see the option - move to SD card.

Trick 6 :- Get Detail Information About Your Phone Status

You can get detail information about your phone like phone information, battery information, usage statistics and WIFI information, Application time usage and so on just by dialing *#*#4636#*#* .

Trick 7 :- Screen Shots Your android is capable of taking screen shots of your phone even without installing any third party applications. Though the functionality of taking screen shots varies from phone to phone, but generally it is taken by below mentioned trick,

Press home button + power button.

Trick 8 :- Factory Reset Your Android Phone

If your phone containing some virus and you're thinking of removing it. Then you can do factory reset. It will format your phone to factory level means all your settings will go in default mode and please note all your internal data will be deleted.

To do factory reset format you can press :- *#*#7780#*#* .

Trick 9 :- Hard Reset Your Phone

This will reset your phone fully including internal as well as external memory. To hard reset your phone press *2767*3855#.

PS. Don't try this trick for fun purpose as it won't ask you for confirmation.

Trick 10 :- Context Menu

Long press on your home screen and it will open some additional option for customizing your phone.

Bonus Trick :- Android Version Animation This is bonus trick for Sooloadite users and this is really an amazing trick to play with your android phone. To execute this trick just follow below mentioned steps,

Go to settings >> About Phone >> Tab repeatedly on android version, after sometime android version will be animated.

So, these were some best android phone hacking tricks. Hope you found this tutorial helpful and worth reading. Do let me know if you are facing any problem in executing any of the above mentioned tricks.

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