Thursday, 25 February 2016

Airtel Business: How to Use 2 Phone Numbers on One Sim

Still in the happiness and joyous celebration of Airtel's 3GB weekend plan for N100 and the gigantic sum of N25,000 as compensation for those who unblock and re-register their airtel sim, The only Red Network in Naija has come up with yet another mind blowing package to all their customers.

Introducing... The Airtel Business.

Airtel Business is a special package specially made having the businessman at heart. With Airtel Business you are now able to use one sim card having 2 phone numbers on one phone.

Airtel Business>>2 Phone Numbers>> 1 Sim Card >> 1 Phone

You can now use one number for your business and the other for your normal life. Really Cool Huh?


It is quite easy to opt in and enjoy life. Simply do the following:

>>Subscribe to smartNUMBER by Sending 'SUB' to 619 from your Airtel line.

>>Follow the prompt to get you started.


Ain't you on Airtel Network yet? You're missing mehn...

Make the smart move. Think Airtel, think innovation.

Ya gat wah I'm saying?... Shit!!!

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