Thursday, 2 March 2017

Download New HD Live Streaming Android App

It's awesome trying something new on your Android device, control it as you want because you are the boss. There are different options when streaming live movies with your android phone.

Today we are going to try something new as usual, to control our device and not the other way.

Introducing, a new android app for live streaming of movies, sports, documentary, musics, food, etc all in one app. This application is called UkTVNow.

UkTVNow is among the recent growing live streaming applications on android devices. You can stream live sports, TV shows, live movies, news and if you like food, this app is absolutely for you.

This application has lots of live channels ranging from entertainment, movies, sports, news, documentary, kids, food and many more you don't want to miss.

==>You can watch live sports, movies or News on the go.

==>You can watch your favorites TV series, those of you that are conversant with  TV series.

==>You can stream live music channels, stream till mama calls. 

==>Animal lovers, you can watch Animal planet till your battery run down.

==>It doesn’t consume much data but it is a better way to waste your data.

You can be sure of a quality HD movies using UKTVNow.

If you don't have enough data to stream, do well to search for a suitable free browsing here

Download UkTVNow here
Download from their official website here

Note: You will be required to login to get access.

Download it and compare it with Mobdro

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