Friday, 5 February 2016

How to Use Netify VPN With MTN BIS on Android

Having challenges with MTN BBLITED on Android using Psiphon or SAS? Then you can give Netify a shot. Netify VPN is a remolded version of Psiphon with better features and more active connection. With Netify VPN, you stay active on the internet without any connection problem unlike the other VPN services.

If you are familiar with psiphon, you’ll see a lot of similarities like the handler menu and lot more features. Connection is faster and the interface is perfectly user-friendly.

How Can I Use MTN BIS on Android Phones using Netify VPN?
1. Download  Netify VPN app here and install on your android smartphone.
2. Launch the handler menu, tick “Remove port” box, scroll down, under proxy type, select “Dual Real Host”, on custom header select “X-Online-Host” and input “” on proxy server field and select “HTTP” on Real Proxy Type.

3. Hit the save button and continue
4. Once you get to the main menu, click on the Netify VPN icon to enter the other settings menu.
5. tick the following;  sound, connect through HTTP, using the following settings and then setup Host address to “

Port to “8080” as seen in the image below.

Go back and click on connect

How About For PC Users?
PC users should continue with Simple server for PC or use Tweakware VPN. For now, Netify is for Android. 

How to Subscribe For MTN BIS
>> For daily plan (#70) text BBLITED to 21600
>> For weekly plan (#350) text BBLITEW to 21600 
>> For monthly plan (#1000) text BBLITEM to 21600

Now you have a lot of options on which VPN to use to power MTN BIS on your Android Devices without any Thomasic doubt.

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