Thursday, 11 February 2016

Instagram: Use of Double Account Now Legal

Am sure you reading this means you are one of those who already have or will like to have more than one instagram account maybe for your brand and personal; whatever reason it may be.

Before now, we have been using some third party apps like Phonegram or padgram for managing multiple accounts on Instagram. But now, No need of using social duplicators because you can now use more than one instagram account alongside your normal instagram account legally.

This new feature was Announced earlier on their official blog. I think it is something most users will love.

How Can I Create Multiple Instagram Account?

1. Go to your profile settings and tap on your username.

2. Click on Add Account and either create new one or login another account.

3. To switch between accounts, just click on your username and click on your preferred account.

You can know which account you are currently on with a "√" sign beside it.

Supported Platform

It’s available for Android and iOS users only. Before you’ll be able to access it, you’ll need to upgrade your instagram app to the latest version 7.15 for iOS and Android

Where can I download it?
Download Instagram v7.15 from below:
Google Play Store
Direct Download

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