Monday, 8 February 2016

UPDATED: Latest MTN 0.0k Free browsing Fast like Jet

This is the latest mtn free browsing for 2016. Landing on this post is not a coincidence rather it's a blessing for you to say NO to MTN Blackberry Subscription and IP Hunting for Etisalat social and Chat pack including their so called 0.0k :p

 How to setup MTN Latest Free Browsing 0.0k

1. Download psiphon here

2. Open the installed Psiphon app and configrure the handler as follows:
 - Tick Remove Port
 - Proxy Type: Real Host
 Under X-Online-Host,
 - Proxy Server:
 - Real Proxy Type : Default

Just leave the others

Tap on Save to close the Handler Settings. 

Then a pop up will appear and you have to choose "Tunnel whole device" You will be taken to the main screen where you will go to the "Options" menu and select a region.

 1. Select "Best Performance" in the 'region select'.
2. Go down and locate "More options" under the "handler" button.
3. Under the "Proxy Settings" Check the box beside "Connect through an HTTP" then select "Use the following settings"
 - Host Address:
 - Port: 8080

Leave the others as default and go back to the main screen

To Use Simple Android Server on MTN 0.0k
1. Go to Local Server Settings
2. Tick Use Global Proxy
3. Click General Settings
 Proxy host: 
 Proxy port: 8080
 Injection Query/Url: http:/
 Injection host:
 Injection line: press enter 4 times
4. Save and Start the Simple Server

Updated: Few days ago stopped working. But don't worry we are always here to help you.

Replace with
or http://[email protected] and enjoy fast and unlimited streaming and downloads.

Use the comment box for any Help

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