Monday, 25 April 2016

How To Make FREE Calls To All Networks In The World

No day that goes by that we don't get wowed with FREE things and better goodies.

Well, tired of recharging your line always? At the end of this post you will no longer worry about recharging your line anymore as we introduce to you the latest FREE Call Application called WhatsCall.

In one of our previous post we disclosed how you can earn FREE Airtime which is still blazing till date. WhatsCall, unlike Sliide Airtime gives you access to make FREE calls to all networks across the globe. You get N1,000 credit instantly when you sign up, you also stand a chance of increasing your credit by doing some simple tasks like just viewing their Adverts, installing apps etc.

In addition, you make totally FREE calls to your friends who have this app also installed on their phone.

How Do I Get The App?
It's simple with just one tap, download, install, signup and get N1,000 credit instantly.

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