Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Facebook New Feature That Allows You To Upload Video In Comment

Big news for Facebook users! Users will now enjoy the pleasure of uploading videos in the comment sections to express themselves. Facebook recently announced that the users can now upload a video of themselves in the comment section to share their reactions.

This feature was first prototyped at facebook on 50th Hackathon early this year and this prototype had the capability to upload a video into comments and replies on posts. Facebook mentioned in one of the blog note “At Facebook’s 50th Hackathon early this year, we prototyped the ability to upload a video into comments and replies on posts because we wanted to enable more engaging and immersive conversations. This adds to the suite of multimedia features within comments including links, photos, stickers, emoji, and starting this week video.”

Bob Baldwin, the Facebook product engineer said that the video comments are available for desktop web, iOs and Android and the videos can be uploaded in reply to posts by people pages and groups too.

Bob Baldwin said
Videos in Comments are now available worldwide! You can upload them as replies to posts by people and pages, as well as within groups and events. It’s supported on the desktop web, iOS, and Android.

To make use of the innovative feature, you need to click on the camera icon that appears in the comments field and have to browse the saved video clips on your computer. Users of mobile version will also be able to publish videos directly from the camera of their devices.

Facebook recently launched another feature that allows a user to upload photos with 360-degree views and we also saw facebook forcing its users to download its Moments app because some of the photos will be deleted by July 7. There are lots going on with Facebook.

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