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Top 10 Movie Streaming Sites 2016 to Watch Movies Online

Movies have been entertaining the audience all around the world since ages. And the way of watching these movie have evolved a long way. In modern world, the active internet users prefer to watch movies online on movie streaming sites 2016. Though it sometimes comes out as a pain to search for these movie streaming sites. We’ve hence filtered out the best and top 10 movie streaming sites 2016. 

You can bookmark some of them after trying them one by one according to your preference and always have them ready if you wish to watch movies online. Let us then check out more about these movie streaming sites 2016.

There are some people who watch every movie in theaters. And then there are some for whom watching movies in theaters is like a once in a month phenomenon. For them, the movie streaming sites 2016 are a boon. Now, it might not be as simple as it looks. 

There’s a lot more than to look for in a movie streaming sites than just the movies. There are multiple parameters that you should consider while choosing these online movie streaming sites 2016 to watch. 

The list below makes sure that each of these parameters are covered. So, that you can pick up a couple of best movies streaming sites 2016. Let us then begin with our list of top 10 movie streaming sites 2016. 

10 Top Movie Streaming Sites 2016 to Watch Movies:

1. Vumoo:

Vumoo is a premium movie streaming website. It has the latest movies into it’s playlist and the quality of these are commendable. Vumoo can be accessed via a desktop PC as well as a tablet. Vumoo as a website is also visually appealing and it will keep you holding for long enough. The collection of movies is phenomenal, you can find even the old school movie on Vumoo.

2. Solarmovie:

Solarmovie is an interesting movie streaming site. It will give you the same feeling you get when you use Google. Yes, Solarmovie is more like a search engine of movies. You can search the name of movie you watch to watch and according the results with abundance of movie will appear on the screen. Now you can click any of your choice and start watching the movies right away. The concept of Solarmovie is awesome, but the only drawback is that it cannot be accessed through a tablet.

3. Amazon Prime:

Amazon is  well established brand and it has spread itself everywhere. Amazon has also stepped into the online movies streaming site, called amazon prime. The name itself assures you that you will get the best lot of movies, the best quality of movies, the best experience in watching movies online. The only thing which might be a barrier here is that you will have to shell out some money to access Amazon prime. Though you can first take a 30 day trail and then decide about the same.

4. Movie4k:

Movie4k is yet another member of the movie streaming sites 2016. It already has some featured movies on it’s homepage. The quality of the movies is indicated by a smiley besides the movies. The happier the smiley, the better the movie quality. Though it does not host the online streaming of movies, it redirects you to another video hosting website for watching the movie. And this is the biggest problem with Movie4k as it sometimes hinders the user experience.

5. Movienight:

Movienight is a simple and elegant website for watching movies online. It has a good bunch of movies in it’s basket. The picture quality of these movies is also good and you won’t have any issues while watching the movie. The website is easy to navigate. The tags of movies categories are listed in the menu and you can accordingly search for movies.

6. Primewire:

Primwire is a full fledged website for a movie buff. It has most of the move listed there. You can get started just by signing up with a new free account. New movies are added regularly. You can even interact with fellow movie buffs on the official forum of the website. All the movie have a decent picture quality to watch online. Apparently a good source for watching movies on movie streaming sites 2016.

7. Cool movie zone:

It’s a website which appeals your eyes with list of movies on the homepage. The latest movie find a place in their list. A simple yest effective website, where you can reach out to watch movies online. Hollywood or Bollywood, you will find all types of movies here with good quality and some even in HD. The movies are alphabetically separated and you can find them accordingly.

8. Tube plus:

Tubleplus is an active and large portal of to watch movies online. You can explore the top charts, best movies of every year, the critic’s best and other such categories. You can search the movies you want to watch either by name or by identifying the genre or by the year in which it was released. The movies are also equipped with IMBD rating so that you can make your wise decision before watching any new one. Hence, it justifies it’s place in the list of movie streaming sites 2016.

9. Viooz:

Viooz is another dedicated websites of all the movie streaming sites 2016. you will find the featured movies, movie from different genres, movies categories based on the years and also movies from every country. Listing out the movies from different country is one unique featured offered by Viooz. Also you can watch movies in different languages here. You’ll have to install a prerequisite video player though for watching movies on Viooz.

10. Popcorn Time:

We’ve kept the best for the last. Popcorn Time is the latest unique type of movie streaming sites 2016. It actually offers you to download a Window application of Popcorn Time, on which you can watch the latest torrent movies easily. The catalog will obviously stand out in this case and the quality of movies you’ll get will be the best in no cost.

And here we end our list of top 10 movie streaming sites 2016. Apart form these, there are many movies streaming sites 2016 out there, but these are ones we find the most popular and reliable in terms of movie diversity, quality and quantity. I hope you will figure out the best movie streaming sites 2016 for yourself. Have fun.

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