Monday, 18 July 2016

Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing For July 2016 [Trending Now]

Recall that Facebook recently partnered with Airtel to bring free internet to its users. With Airtel you can access popular websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Weather, Bing, Jobberman, Nairaland etc. You can also download the Free Basic App to access those websites.

However, this Facebook free internet with Airtel has been cracked and you can now access any website for FREE. This Free Browsing works best with 0.0k on your account. So I called this Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing Reloaded.

How to browse free on Airtel using 0.00k/without credit

Make sure you are using Airtel Default Settings. Follow the Image below to setup.

In your settings locate Mobile Network

Find Access Point Name and either create a new one or just tick the default settings.
Airtel Default Settings
Airtel Default Settings

Firstly, download Psiphone Handler Here if you don't have it already.

Psiphon Settings For Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing

Launch your Psiphon and configure as follows:
==>Proxy type: Real host
==>Proxy server:
==>Real proxy type: default
==>Click save

Airtel 0.0k FB Psiphone Handler Menu

Go to Options
==>Choose USA as location

Then go to more options and untick connect via http

Airtel 0.0k FB More Options Settings

Finally go back to the app menu and start the Psiphone VPN.

Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing Connected

It will connect within 2 Minutes and you can start Browsing for FREE.

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