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Amazing! See Home Remedy for Removing Water in your Phone

This might sound ridiculous but it's worth it.  Did you know you can get your phone working fully if it falls into water.You may not believe it but its working.

Did you know a bowl of rice can rescue your Nokia, Tecno, BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, iPod devices when accidental dipped in water 😊? It doesn't matter how it happened, when it happened, who made it happen. If your phone get wet, the result is usually the same; a soaked brick.

NOTE: Before doing anything, take note of the following:

Don't turn on your wet cell phone.
I know the first thing on everybody's mind when they see their phone in water and brings it out, is to turn it on to see if it still work, but don't!!! Turning on your phone in its current stage could fry it before attempting a fix.

Take out your battery and remove your sim card.
You have to remove the battery as quickly as possible and wrap it in a paper towel and to be on the safer side, you will have to remove your sim card because their is a lot of valuable data on it. If you don't manage to save your phone you can save this one.

Remove all parts of the phone (Naked your phone)
If you are not comfortable with taking your phone apart skip this one.
But for those of you that are like me that know how to take their phone apart and who had replace the screen of their phone enough times, that getting the case in seconds. Start buy unscrewing the back of the phone and getting the pannel out in open air.


Follow this simple steps

» Let the Air it out (your cooking gas or stove) with low temperature.

» Warm it up: If you can reliably warm it to 100-110 degrees Fahrenheit (but no more!) you will dramatically speed evaporation. Apple lists the maximum tolerable temperature as 113 degrees Fahrenheit, so be careful!

What I mean is, heat the phone over a litted stove vigorously for about 3 minuites. That's enough (don't overhead it)

» Absorb it: If you are in a place that’s too humid for open-air drying, you may want to use a drying agent to soak up the moisture.

» Don't turn it on yet. Give your phone a few days to dry. Water may be trapped in tight spots or absorbed into your phone’s circuit boards. Leave it open in a dry environment for at least 48 hours.


You could just leave the phone inside a drawer after disassembling it, but some people like giving it a little help. The idea is to put it in an environment that will ease its drying process. A very common practice is to put the phone in a Ziploc bag full of rice and let it rest there for about 2-3 days.


So you did everything you could and a few days have passed by. It’s time to see if all your efforts paid off. Take the phone out of wherever you left it and put it all together. Then plug the phone in and try to turn it on. If it works, you have succeeded! Stay on the lookout for any odd behavior, though. At least for a few days. Something may still happen. Also, test all the components. Make a call to see if the microphone and earphone work, test the speaker, etc.

Now, if the phone doesn’t work, it’s time to accept defeat and take it to a professional and see if it can be salvaged. You can also claim insurance if you have it.


Not to sound like a doctor, but after this point we have really done everything we could. Sometimes you just have to let the phone go. Hopefully most of you get it back up and working.

That's all about the home remedy for resolving the problem of your phone falling in water.

Have any other ways? Mail it to us, we'll confirm and publish it.

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