Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Check Out For These Features Before Buying A Second Hand Phone

Buying a used smartphone is something many people do these days mostly because of the fact that used smartphones come cheap and may be a savior for those times you don’t have much money on you but still want to get busy with the amazing features on a smartphone.

The irony however is, while these used smartphones often come below the price of the new ones, buying a bad smartphone is common and you will end up spending more money if you fall victim.

I have been a victim several times on getting a bad used smart phone, in fact my first so called Android Phone I bought was China phone (you know what I mean). Most times it is because of our negligence, we fail to check that used smart phone well before parting with our hard earned money and most times the experience is usually a bitter one. However, i have compiled a list of important test you need to carry out before paying for that used smartphone.  Now let’s go:

  1. Plug the device in a charger to check for charging. When you are done with this what you need next is:
  2. Insert your SIM card to check if the device is compatible with your carrier.
  3. Install a removable memory card to see if the device will read it.
  4. Test the camera flash or flashlight.
  5. Try a headphone with the phone.
  6. If there are physical buttons try them by typing a message, making sure you hit each of the buttons including the power buttons and volume rockers.
  7. Make a call and do data connections test. You don’t want to end up with a smartphone that cannot access the Internet.
  8. Test the touchscreen by taping and swiping.
  9. And finally, Check other ports like the HDMI port. 

I hope that with these tips you can now have value for your money when you decide to buy a new smartphone.

Have you had any experience with used smartphones that went bad? What other tips can you add to these? Please tell us using the comment box and don’t forget to share this post so your friends won’t fall for crap.

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