Sunday, 24 July 2016

How To Play Chess Game On Facebook Without Third Party Apps

I guess you don't know that Facebook messenger app you use everyday to call and chat with friends  can be used to play games as well.  You might be wondering how, but don't worry you don't need to download and install any third party app for it to work. The game is played right inside the app.

Few weeks ago I posted about how to play basketball game in Facebook Messenger App, though that works on Facebook Messenger App but great thing about this chess game is that it works on all platforms. Whether you’re using Facebook web version or you’re using the mobile app, the game remains accessible.

So How Do I Play Chess Game On Facebook?

1. Type "@fbchess play" without quote as a message and send to the person you want to play with, this starts the game.

2. You can move around the chess board using the @fbchess pg4 . this will move your pawn (P) to square 4 on the board as shown below.

3. Whever you're stuck around and don't know what to do , simply type "@fbchess help" without quote and an explanation would be given.

4. You can quit the game by simply typing "@fbchess resign" without quote anytime. But note that if you resign without the game ending, the other player wins the game.

Hope you guys enjoy the game, note this works on all platforms of the Facebook messenger app.

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Happy Gaming!

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