Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Simple Way To Share Applications With Friends On WhatsApp

As we all know WhatsApp has been one of the top social app in recent. its been a helpful medium for real time communication to chat with friends, family and even business partners. And the usual files that can be transferred is videos, pictures and musics. Many users have been asking "How to share apps on WhatsApp Messenger".

But the latest update from WhatsApp has the feature where you can transfer doc(txt,pdf).

You can be able to transfer applications with it using the below easy steps all you need to do is Just change the file extension of the app you want to send to your friend by renaming it from .APK to either .DOC, .PDF or XLSX and send.

To do that just locate the app you want to send with any of the popular file explorers and rename the extension from .akp to .doc or .pdf and save.

==>Open a chat.
==>Tap the icon at the top of the screen.
==>Choose Document.
==>Select the desired document to send and tap Send in the popup.

Receiver will receive it as .doc. And has to remain it to .apk  and you're good to go.

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