Monday, 11 July 2016

So Sad! See The Reasons Why WeChat Nigeria May Shut Down (3rd Reason will Shock You)

WeChat has been among the fast growing Social Media in Nigeria, at some point it became the household name for most Nigerian brands and organizations. Just recently The Voice Nigeria (a Nigerian  base singing competition with over 30 million views globally) introduced a new way to vote for favourite 'The Voice Artist' and that was through WeChat.

However, it seems their office in Nigeria has been performing very low for quite some time. Though we don't have the growth statistics for this app, but there are rumours that its Nigerian Office will finally be shutting down for some of the reasons stated below:


Lack of social Audience Interactivity: Frankly, WeChat Nigeria have not tried enough to catch its users' attention for long. The last  time WeChat Nigeria made a post was in the month of March, is this how to stay close with its users? Meanwhile its South African page had over 8 posts on 6th July.

Page Likes: Did you know WeChat Nigeria has remained with 11,000 Facebook Page likes since January When WeChat SouthAfrican Page has over 41000 likes and still counting.

Dropping off workers: It has been rumoured that Wechat recently cut-short its workforce here in Nigeria to just 3 staff. That's pretty sad. Although there are lots of companies that are also downsizing its workforce so as to save cost but what can you do with just 3 people in a big company? with Over 300 staff in South Africa and just 3 staff in Nigeria.
As at January the populace of Staff at WeChat South Africa was a total number of 31. Whereas its Nigeria's WeChat has a team of 3, whilst collaborating with Jobberman (online employment service) and tracklist ( a fashion shopping service)

Weak Management: Another strong reason Wechat Nigeria may shut down is Weak Management. The current Management of WeChat in recent times have the trend of shutting down companies in Nigeria and Kenya. There is a possibility that the Managers of WeChat 'Naspers' may shut down in Nigeria and completely work from South Africa.

According to a recent article by  it says
"Over the last 7 years, Naspers have introduced with pomp and pageantry a host of eCommerce companies, such as which has been shut down, also shut down,, closed office in Nigeria and now operates from South Africa and a host of others".

These are just some few reasons WeChat may probably Shut down for South Africa.

Do you also think WeChat will soon shut down in Nigeria?

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