Monday, 8 August 2016

MTN 20 Minutes Free Calls 15MB Data and 35 SMS - Worth It?

If you are the type that make phone calls, send text messages and also browse on daily basis then you'll find this new deal worth-it because all you need to call, text and browse is just #250 only.

MTN had been releasing surprising deals like the MTN WowWeekend for their subscribers and it is just getting better.

Now with N250, you can get 20 minutes to call ANY network in Nigeria, 15MB Data to browse and chat on your Phone and also 35 SMS which you can send to ANY network as well.

Though this deal sound good but it is quite expensive for most people in this economy as it only lasts for one (1) day.

If you are interested in activating this plan, below is the simple procedure to get it activated.

How to Activate!

Text SPD to 131 to activate.
Remember, it only lasts for a day!

You think this is a fair Data + Call + SMS plan for a day? Let's get your thoughts through the comment box and how much should they reduce it to.

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