Saturday, 13 August 2016

MTN XtraByte: How To Borrow Data Bundle From MTN

Great news for MTN users, MTN Nigeria just launched a brand new innovation. With this you need not to be worried even if you run out of data while browsing, MTN is always there to help you out and save the situation.

Introducing MTN XtraByte:
We all know MTN XtraTime, you can borrow Airtime whenever you run out of Airtime or when you're not with cash instantly with MTN XtraTime by dialing *606#. But just recently, MTN Nigeria launched MTN XtraByte. With XtraByte you can borrow a minimum of 10MB and maximum of N750MB MTN Data Bundle.

The borrowed data can be used on mobile and PC (using Hotspot or Modem) and you can borrow a maximum data bundle of 750MB which I think is quite okay for now. 

However, to be able to borrow data bundle from MTN you have to be qualified or eligible to borrow.

How To Qualify/Eligible To Borrow MTN Xtrabyte Data Bundle 

There's currently nothing much to do before you could be eligible or qualified:

  • Of course your sim must be a registered MTN SIM. 
  • Your MTN Sim must be active for at least 3 months. 
  • Your main account balance must be between N0 and N12.

How To Borrow Data On MTN XtraByte 

To borrow data on mtn XtraByte simply dial *606# and reply with 1 or dial *606*1#

To check if you qualify or you are eligible for this offer dial *606# and reply with 2 or dial *606*2#

List Of Data Bundle Available On MTN XtraByte 

See the picture below

Also be aware that this MTN XtraByte carries a 10% (ten percent) interest on the data you borrowed on MTN.

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