Wednesday, 10 August 2016

New! Get N500 On Instant Sign Up With This All New Jumia Market Affiliate Program

Today i present to you the new and hottest way to earn money online, Jumia market affiliate program!!!!

This affiliate program allows you to refer buyers to buy products or services after which you get a percentage off the price of that product or service.

You as the person referring becomes the 'affiliate' while the percentage got off the price of the goods and services becomes your 'commission' for bringing in the buyer. If you are wondering which affiliate program to use in Nigeria, Jumia Market Affiliate Program is one of the best options at the moment.

Why is so special about this affiliate program?

=> This new affiliate program will pay you ₦500 when you sign up
=> Pay you ₦300 per affiliate you refer
=> Pay you flat commission for each sale through your link

How To Join Jumia Market Affiliate Program

To join Jumia market affiliate program and become an affiliate partner all you need to do is go to Jumia market affiliate website and sign up. Click Here to Sign up.

Whether you are new into the game, or you are already making money from it, here are some tips to help you can maximize your profits from your Jumia Market affiliate account:

Tips That Might Be of Help

1. Use Banners
2. Do Reviews
3. Use Deep Links Carefully
4. Use Word of Mouth
5. Shorten and Customize Your Links

So why not hurry and Join Now!

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