Monday, 8 August 2016

Someone Might Be Accessing Your Email Account - See How To Know And Stop Them

In this 21st Century, hackers are getting ready to go the extreme just to get what they want from you. Knowledge is vast as they are growing stronger everyday.

Imagine, if hackers can break the security walls and find their way into the accounts of top US officials who, for sure, is being protected with high levels of security by the NSA. That simply means it will take them less stress to get into your account as well.

We need to take some precautionary measures to prevent such from happening to you. Our Email is virtually where we save most of our documents and even account details.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to know if someone else is accessing your email account so you can quickly change your password.

1. Log on to your gmail account using your username and password. Note: Use a PC to login

2. Once you’re logged in, scroll down to the bottom of the page on your screen.

3. On the right part of the screen at the bottom, look for the part that says “Last Account Activity”. Click on that part. Similar to the image below:

4. Under “Last Account Activity”, you’ll see a list of the devices that have accessed your account i.e. the IP address of the computer/PC or device as well as where it was accessed from.

If any of the IP addresses seem unfamiliar or suspicious, you need not be told to change your password immediately.

Currently this feature is available on gmail only. We hope other email providers like yahoo and MSN will dive into it soon.

Make sure you stay safe!

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