Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Dinosaur In Google Chrome Browser Is A Game - See How To Play It

So recently I came across this while trying to access my website, the network in my area was too poor that google chrome could not recognize any data connection. So it showed me the image below.

Wondering why I will be offline when my data was on, I had to wait a while if it will pick up. While waiting, I mistakenly clicked on the Dinosaur  on the screen and it jumped up and started moving; when I touched the screen again it jumped over the obstacle in front then I knew it was a fun game to play offline.

How To Play Dinosaur Run Game On Chrome Browser Offline

As explained earlier, just follow these simple steps to play the game offline.

  1. Off your data connection
  2. Open your chrome browser
  3. Try to load a website e.g ( you will get a response saying “you are offline
  4. Click on the dinosaur above the offline message

That is all, the Dinosaur will start moving. To control it just click on the screen when it gets close to an obstacle in order to jump over it.


  1. The more distance you cover, the more the game will speed up.
  2. Hitting the obstacles in front will result in "Game Over"
  3. It is offline i.e. you need to play it while your data connection is off.

Enjoy the game

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