Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Vector 2! A Game For The Real Man [Download]

Vector is back! No not V.E.C nor as in vector and scalar quantities (You are a true geek if you thought that). Vector is an engaging mobile game that put you in the shoes of a silhouetted parkour expert. The goal is to escape from your menacing pursuers by navigating dangerous minefields and obstacles, via some really beautiful looking parkour skills…

If you played the first title, you are probably some form of addict already. If you didn’t, you are welcomed to join the parkour fun. Vector 2 the sequel to the blockbuster by Nekki has just arrived on the Play Store. Vector brings as close to mad action as you can get without having to face any real life issues such as dying. If you are into high tempo action coupled with fast intuitive thinking, this is definitely for you.

Vector 2 puts you back in the shoes of our silhouetted diehard who see the most dangerous obstacles as nothing. He must navigate the scenery with jumps, twists, turns, hops, dives, ducks, and a variety of hybrid moves.

This is one gaming experience you just can’t forget… newflash: I just made it to level 2! Yay!

Playing the series for the first time you will probably die a lot… I will put the estimate at 20 times or more. After this “initiation ritual” you will then be adopted into our “league of extraordinary gentlemen”! Think you are man enough? Then pick up the game from the link below and let us know how it goes.

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