Thursday, 16 February 2017

How To Share Multiple Folders And Files With Friends On WhatsApp

WhatsApp  recently introduce some cool features, including sending of document files (.pdf, .txt and .doc), all other file formats are not supported but I will show you in this post how to send folder and  files of any extension to your contact on WhatsApp.

The method requires ES File Explorer or any advance file explorer (which I know everyone has) and the folder or file you want to send.

How Can I Send A Folder on WhatsApp?

It is almost the same method for sending a file:

  • Using ES Explorer, Locate the folder and open it.
  • Select all the folders you'd like to send.
  • Click On option and finally, select compress. You should see something like the below screenshot.

  • After compressing successfully, proceed to change the extension from .zip to .doc
  • Now you can share the folder with anyone on whatsapp.

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One benefit of this method is that it saves you time instead of sending each file at a time. But what you must know is that you can't send without compressing and the receiver won't be able to view until he/she decompressed it back (if the person have issues with decompressing, give him/her a link to this article).

How To Decompress An Archive

Now, if you have successfully sent the folder, the process to decompress is quite simple and I guess most standard phones don't require any third party apps to do this.

After successfully downloading the .doc folder, change the extension to .zip and then you can open it now. If you even want more access, you can proceed to extract the files inside.

On the other hand, you might have issues with whatsapp file limit 25MB or so ,to bypass this download any cracked version of whatsapp.

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The method is straight forward and easy if you follow it diligently, for now, this is the best method to share or transfer any apk to anyone on WhatsApp. You can use the same method to send different file formats like zip, exe, rar, etc.

If you have issues with the above tutorial or want to appreciate us, comment below and don't forget to share on Facebook and other social medias.

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