Friday, 14 October 2016

How To Shutdown PC With Your Smartphone

Almost every one own a android smartphone, which can several cool things one can imagine. But not many are unaware tricks which are very cool and easy to implement. Let us show one of the 100’s of tricks an android can do.

How cool is that you can remotely shutdown PC using android ? You can surprise every one around you with this trick. By following few tips and tricks you can Remotely Shutdown PC.

How To Remotely Shutdown PC Using Android

You can shut your PC down using an app, anywhere at any time. Jusy follow the below steps strictly to shutdown your PC remotely using android phones.

Step 1 : Download Airytec switch off program here and install it.
Step 2 : After installation is complete, click on notification tray & there is shutdown icon.
Step 3 : Tap on the icon, a window pops up on your screen. Select the options of your choice like Force shutdown. 
Step 4 : As you see there are 2 more options, select "Remote", there select “Edit Web interface Settings

Step 5 : Tap on "enable Web interface", leave "enable Authentication unchecked " alone.
Step 6 : Select on ” view/update static addresses", You will be redirect to browser, bookmark that “URL” on your mobile device. Double click on “shutdown icon” icon on your notification tray & Enable task.
Step 7 : Connect to wi-fi or data plan of your smartphone and fire up browser then type in the saved “URL“,

Step 8. Now you can click on shutdown button to shut down your computer.

It is not that difficult, That's just one of the benefits you get having a smartphone around. There are plenty of more tricks to explore and learn to implement using our android smartphone.

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