Sunday, 18 December 2016

Download Psiphone Pro Lite 108 For Free Browsing

Psiphon Pro Lite handler is the mini version of the normal Psiphon handler VPN app which is used for most of the free browsing cheats on Android now through network bypassing. This Psiphon Pro Lite handler version is the main solution to chat pack speed throttling you may have been experiencing with other apps like Simple Android Server and Tweakware as long as there is strong 3g or 4g lite network on your phone.

After using this pro version of Psiphon, I noticed drastic improvements with my browsing and downloading speed with close to non disconnecting issues. There are many advantages that this Psiphon lite has over the normal.


  1. It is faster
  2. It doesn't disconnect often and it is more stable
  3. It is one of the best solutions to stop speed throttling on Etisalat cheats
  4. It takes less storage space on your phone because the app is not more than 4MB unlike the normal Psiphon handler that is more than 10MB in size
  5. There is no ads in this lite version unlike the normal version where ads from different sources display at the homepage. The only thing that displays on this lite version homepage is the "about Psiphon" page.
  6. Transfers data faster because of no ads that run on background.
  7. It doesn't drain battery and phone RAM like the normal Psiphon app which normally hangs phone that runs on 512MB RAM. 
  8. Beautiful user interface and a blue icon

Download below:

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