Tuesday, 13 December 2016

My Views On The Rumored MMM Nigeria Crashing

In the face of recession in Nigeria, many engaged and found solace in MMM Nigeria.  Some of the politicians are also directly and indirectly involed in this scheme yet the Nigerian authorities and the MMM participants are giving Sergey Movrodi, MMM founder too much to handle.  It is on this note I have chosen to voice my opinion on the rumored MMM Nigeria Collapse.

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People are shouting:
MMM Nigeria is in coma!
My N1M oo!
Chai my 100k!
My money oo!!!
I sold my car to invest in MMM..
Ah... I emptied my shop to invest in MMM!

But the question is:
Were you expecting MMM to last forever?
Don't you know it has an expiry date?
Didn't you read their terms and conditions before signing up?
We're you not warned to use only your spare money?

Oh! So you like free things this much Abi?
If I told you to sell your car and lend me the money, to pay you 30% interest in 30 days will you accept it?

Well my money is also in that system but even if it crashed today,  I'm never moved. Why? Cos it's my spare money which doesn't play a vital role for now.

When next you hear of another ponzi scheme, you'll learn to read its T&C before registering.

I'm not trying to scare you away from participating but for Goodness sake try to read and understand before jumping into something similar to this scheme and play by the rule.

To clear the air, please MMM has NOT collapsed COMPLETELY. Sergey Movrodi the founder of MMM is a human like you and me.

He has his own challenges; the Nigerian Government is giving him a tough time, blackhat hackers trying to break the system's security. Even the MMM participants are giving him hard-knock on the head by signing up multiple accounts. All these and more...


I plead with the Nigerian Authorities to instead of fighting to stop/abolish MMM in Nigeria, they should rather invite the MMM Team to explain their motives and objectives behind this laudable project.

Federal Government should partner with Sergey Movrodi, strengthen and improve the quality of MMM Nigeria to help the common man on the streets. If only Buhari will see this scheme as an opportunity to elevate the suffering of Nigerians, Nigerians will applaud him.

In the mean time,  there's no call for alarm. Let's wait patiently till January 2017.


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