Sunday, 18 December 2016

Spectranet Finally Launched Their 4G Unlimited Gold Plan -See Cost

Nigerian Telecommunications are trying to make the internet stable and Fast as 'Spectranet' introduced their Unlimited Gold 4G. It means Super Gold plan Unlimitedly.

Although their are so many 4G providers in Nigeria that offers unlimited data, starting from Smile 4G and Ntel. But Spectranet have set up their own unlimited browsing plan which they call "Spectranet Unlimited Gold".

Spectranet Unlimited Gold plan offers:

  1. Full speed 24/7 access on the Spectranet 4G network
  2. The unlimited plan is valid for 30 days
  3. When you exceed 100GB usage, your speed will be throttled. Spectranet didn't make it known to us what speed it will be cut down to after reaching the 100GB usage.
  4. Spectranet Unlimited Gold will cost you N18,000 monthly

Currently, this plan is available only in Lagos and Ibadan.

I really think Nigerian Telecos are trying for us,  but they should try to reduce the price for we bloggers,  don't you think so?

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