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Latest Glo Data Subscription Codes and Prices For 2017

Glo has reinstated their commitment to be on the leadership firm in 2017 and maintain their nickname "Grandmasters of Data".  Glo with no doubt has the cheapest data plans in Nigeria as of this year 2017 which has been threading in 2016. when compared to other telecommunications in terms of  data bundles. They offer twice the data of all other network at the same price and that's why most Nigerians prefer good value for their money and mostly subscribe to Glo data bundles.

Let's look at all Glo data plans and bundles packages in 2017 on this post so that you can be aware of the changes and make a better data choice that suites your needs.


The data plans are arranged according to validity period starting with daily plans, weekly plans and of course, the monthly plans as well as their prices and subscription codes including night plans.

All Latest Glo Data Bundles And UssD Codes For 2017

Dialy plans

✔  30MB for N50 Plan
✔  100MB for N100 Plan

How to Subscribe for 30Mb plan

To subscribe for this plan dial *127*14# Alternatively Text 14 to 127.

Few years ago, we used to get 100mb with N1000 but now it's all history. This is because Globacom offers you 100MB for just N100 Naira.

How to subscribe for 100MB For N100 plan

To subscribe for this plan dial *127*51# Alternatively, Text 51 to 127.

3 Days Data Plan

200MB for N200 Plan is not a daily plan. It stretches up to 3 days but the previous plans mentioned above valid for one day,

How To Subscribe for 200MB For N200 Plan

To opt in for this plan dial *127*56# Alternatively Text 56 to 127.

Glo Weekly Plans

This is yet another interesting plan that subdues those from other networks. Just N500 naira, you get 1.6GB of data. The plan is actually valid for 10 days which is even more than one week as stated. It is undoubtedly the best and cheapest weekly plan as of now.

How to Subscribe for 1.6GB For N500 Plan

To subscribe for this plan, dial *127*57#, Alternatively, SMS 57 to 127.

Glo Monthly Data Bundles

Monthly plans are the most popular plans used by so many people and Glo offers the cheapest monthly data plans as at this point in time.

Below are the different monthly bundles from Globacom:

3.2GB for N1,000 Plan

This plan beats all other monthly plans as other networks offers 1.5GB with N1000 while with Glo, you get 3.2GB for N1000.  It lasts you for one month.

How to subscribe for 3.2GB For N1000 plan (Code to Subscribe)

To subscribe for this data bundle dial *127*53# Alternatively, SMS 53 to 127.

7.5 GB for N2,000 plan

Subscribing for 7.5GB with 2000 naira is a way lots better and cheap when other gives you 3gb at most, Glo added extra 4gb to it own. Don't you think it's a good value for money. It really is

How to subscribe for 7.5GB For N2000 plan

To subscribe for this plan dial *777# and follow the prompts


✔ 6GB for N2000 Plan Dial *127*55#    Or SMS “55” to 127
✔ 10GB for N2,500 Plan Dial *127*58# Or SMS “58” to 127
✔ 12GB for N3,000 Plan Dial *127*54# Or SMS “54” to 127
✔ 18GB for N4,000 Plan Dial *127*59# Or SMS “59” to 127
✔ 24GB for N5,000 Plan Dial *127*2#
✔ 48GB for N8,000 Plan Dial *127*1#
✔ 60GB for N15,000 Plan Dial *127*12#
✔ 90GB for N18,000 Plan Dial *127*13#

All valid for 30 days.

Night and Weekend Plans.

1GB for N200

Those of you that prefer browsing at night for one reason or the other, Glo is behind you and with just 200 Naira, you get 1GB to browse from 12AM till 5AM in the night. Some people usually use night plans whenever they want to download. Remember browsing in the night is always faster than during the day.

How to subscribe for Glo Night Browsing 

To subscribe for this plan, dial *127*60# Alternatively, Text 60 to 127.

Unfortunately, Glo doesn't have any whatsapp plan as at the time of  this post.


To check your Glo Data Balance, dial *127*0#, or text INFO to 127.


 Some BB10 users are unable to browse with their Glo data bundles after activation. Here is the simple trick to fix it.

Go to settings and change the APN of your BB10 device from “” or whatever that was there to “glosecure” or "gloflat".

Major Disadvantage for Subscribing to Glo Data Bundles

Glo  in many locations have poor network. Some parts of the country don't even have stable Edge network let alone 3G and 4G networks.


All the Glo plans works on Android phones, tablets, iPads, iPhones, internet modem via PC, PSP consols and even smart calculators.

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