Friday, 6 January 2017

How To Get Over 200MB Free Data Bundle From Airtel

Airtel recently blocked the unlimited free browsing cheat and guys have been asking new cheat so I decided to drop this old but still working cheat.

Airtel users grab your phones and dial the following codes and get up to 350mb. Please note that this doesn’t work for all Sims, just try your luck. No harm in trying.

*141*13*200# |200mb| |2weeks|
*141*13*100# |100mb| |1week|
*141*13*50# |50mb| | |3days|
*141*13*1# |1mb| |1day|
*948*1# |5mb| |1week|

To check your balance dial *140# 

For those that don’t get dial this code *166# or call their customer care to migrate you to airtel club 10 and redial it again

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