Thursday, 12 January 2017

Latest MTN Free Browsing Cheat For January 2017

In this post, I will show you guys how to setup the latest MTN unlimited free browsing tweak with psiphon handler. It works with either psiphon handler, pronet, syphon, and other similar VPNs.

Just follow the steps below and it'll connect within seconds.

Configuration For MTN Free Browsing Tweak With Psiphon  2017

=> First of all, make sure you use your default APN settings.
=> After that, download psiphon handler from Here, if you don't have it on your phone already.

=> launch the psiphon VPN and setup as shown below:
>> Tick Remove port 
>> Proxy type: Real host
>> Proxy server:
>> Real proxy type: Default

Skip the rest and save

=> Click on the Options tab
=> Select USA as region.

=> Click on MORE OPTIONS and set it up as shown below
>> Tick connect through an HTTP proxy
>> Tick use the following settings
>> Host address:
>> Port: 8080

See Photo steps:

That's all. Just go back and connect. Wait a few seconds and you'll be connected.

Please Note: if you just installed Psiphone app,  make sure you click "Tunnel Whole Device" when you get the prompt message.