Friday, 20 January 2017

MasterCard Has Launched New App Called "Identity Check Mobile" For Security And Speedy Transactions

MasterCard announced the roll out of new payment App called Identity Check Mobile. So this application improve reliability, security and speedy transactions online using biometrics, including fingerprint and facial recognition by taking a "selfie", to verify a cardholder’s identity and simplify online shopping.

BMO financial group is the first bank in America and Canada to offer their corporate customers this MasterCard Identity Check Mobile and people are very happy that this new method is better than using password.

Read what Steve Pedersen, vice president, head, North American Corporate Card Products at BMO had to say about this;

“The pilot tested the potential of delivering greater security and convenience using biometric technology. Our goals were to understand the attitudes and perceptions of our participants toward biometrics as an online payment security solution,”
“After using Identity Check Mobile, our programme participants gave strong reviews on biometric security and ease of use, especially as compared with passwords. We are looking forward to bringing this same experience to our clients in 2017,’’ 

So with this, any cardholder can verify his or her identity by using the Fingerprint scanner or facial recognition on his or her smartphone on the Mastercard's check mobile application

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