Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Revealed 2017: How To Get N100% Cash Back On Any Recharge And Also Make Up To N40,000 From Zoto App

Do you like free Airtime? Do you like online money?

Then the new Zoto app is for you, it is a must have app on your android device. It is an alternative to Sliide Airtime.

Briefly Let's Tell You How Legit This Zoto Is

ZOTO is a mobile money and mobile commerce service licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria in 2014. Zoto is the fastest and most secured mobile payment solution in Nigeria. Zoto users are able to perform transactions such as airtime top-up in a secure and convenient manner.

I have known this app for sometime but didn't confirm that it is genuine until today when my friend recharge 1000 MTN card infront on my eyes using the Zoto App.

First time I came across Zoto was last year but then, they only give 50% Cashback on any recharge which is somehow poor but better than nothing; so since then I have been using the app sparingly until recently when they released a new update which now guarantees 100% Cashback whenever you recharge your line with N100. This means you get another free N100 plus the one you recharged.  Apart from that, Zoto also introduced referrals which is better than what slide Airtime and other cash rewarding apps offers. Zoto gives you a massive N500 Naira free of charge when someone uses your referral code or link to sign up and you can earn up to N40,000 maximum only for referring by pasting your links in different social media platforms. So cool, huh?

My friend got an email and notification, notifying him of N1000 naira airtime cash directly into his line last year during their previous referral program,without him recharging any dime, Where did the airtime come from? it came from his referral link/code.😃


I will show you how you too can get 100% Cash Back on every recharge and also how you can grow up to N40,000 free airtime from Zoto App.

  • Firstly download the Zoto App from HERE
  • Input your valid phone number. 
  • Wait for it to be verified via call. 
  • After you must have been verified, fill your First name, Last name and Email address.
  • Tick the "I have a referral code" box and put this code PETERJ96
  • Make your first airtime recharge on Zoto and Claim N500 instantly. You  can get N500 free airtime on your first 3 recharges, which means you get N1500 free airtime.


Do you even know you can earn up to N40,000 from referrals, so what are you still waiting for? its time to make money.

  • Just go to the app Menu and click on Refer & Earn
  • You'll see your special referral code
  • Click on it to copy your unique code and instantly share on various social media platforms. 
  • People sign up with your special code, make their first purchase and you get back free N500 while they get 100% what they recharged. It's that easy!! 

So why not start making this cool airtime for free and stop wasting your money buying airtime, Act fast...download the app below and start earning some pennies.

How To Download The App:

-     Download Zoto Free Airtime App
-     Use This Referral Code immediately After downloading the App: PETERJ96

Make first airtime recharge [Note: minimum of N100] on Zoto and Claim N500 instantly.

Me too like a woof wella, don't you?...my friend start accumulating money Asap.

You can use the money to buy airtime, data, or even send to friends and loved ones.

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