Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Top 3 Android Apps To Boost Your Phone Charging Speed

There are many ways to increase the speed of charging your Android smartphone using either hardware or software. In this post I will be revealing three (3) major fast charging Android apps which you can use to make your device charge faster.  There are so many other applications out there but I chose to base this post on just three (3).

Without wasting much of your time, let's get down to business.

1. Fast Charging Pro – Ad Free

This is one of the best app which you can use to charge your phone faster. This app can kill all background tasks on your Android phone which will help you to charge your phone fast. Once you Download and install this app on your phone, it will simply detect if you are charging your phone or not. After connecting your charger, click on the big start button in the app and wait for few seconds. This app will do it’s magic and start killing all background apps which keep on eating your memory and increase CPU load in the background. So in this way, this app works and will help you to charge your phone up to 6X faster.

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2. Super Fast Charger 5x

This is probably the most popular fast charging app on Google play store. This app claims to charge your Android phone 5x faster. This app is similar to the above mentioned app, which I explained. This app also helps to charge your phone with super fast speed. This app shows all information regarding your phone like temperature, voltage, Charge % etc. You can try this app with the available download link and try on your phone.

Download Super Fast Charger 5x

3. Fast Charging

Another great app to charge your phone faster is using this Super fast charging app for Android. You can just click on Start button from this app and then it will start doing it’s work. Fast Charging app also shows suggestions to turn off WiFi, Reduce brightness, Turn off auto rotate, Turn off GPS, etc. This app’s UI is very smooth and working perfectly. The developer of this app claim it charges your phone up to 20-40% faster. This app is also free to use, but you may see some ad in this App. So if you want to try this app, download below.

Download Fast Charging

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