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Top 3 Android Apps To Increase Your Smartphone Volume

Most of us who are music freaks always want to listen to music using our earphone, this is good but have a drawback. It may damage the ear drum in some cases. In this case, you might not always want to put that earphone in your ears and the sound your Android phones bring out is not always enough. You want to use the speaker due to this reason or the ones best know to you? Here are the top 3 Apps to increase speaker volumes on android, this will greatly improved the volume of your android phones without a reduced in sound quality.

This post entails 3 different ways by which you can increase speaker volume on android

3 Best Apps to Increase Speaker Volume On Android

1. Dolby ATMOS Audio

This is a good option to choose from, Dolby Audio is a grear app  for audios. It was use for movies and now the audio version is also available, You can enjoy the Dolby Audio on your device as well.

Frankly speaking, Dolby Audio is hard to sum up, other informations you need to know about Dolby Audio is embedded in the features. Check and see if you want to increase your android phone volume. See Guide to install

2.  Volume+ App

Another good app for you to use and enjoy is called Volume+ App. This Android app is one of the very best that you should install on your android phone to increase its sound quality.

However, the developer has stated that the app is best used on Cyanogen Mod or MIUI Rom installed on your device. With stock rom the app may not work or the volume will reduce the more. No harm in trying to give it a shot but there is a limit in using this app and also if you like the app you can purchase premuim version of it.

Download Here

3. Speaker Boost App

This app works with almost all ROMs. Incase you don't have either Cyanogen Mod or MIUI running on your device, it is still the best option for you.

The app does exactly what its name suggest. It extra boosts the audio to a greater extent. Do not overuse the app because listening to music for a long peroid of time tends to damage the speaker and even your headphones. Limit the extent to which you increase the volume speaker or duration of listening to music.

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You should be aware that Stock ROMs are optimized for audio output suitable for the device, but this happens after you upgrade your device. In this case, there are chances that your volume may be lowered than before. If this apps work for you, remember to use with caution in order to avoid damaging your Android Phone's speaker.

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