Thursday, 16 February 2017

Federal Government Bans Sim Card Registeration In Public Places

Registration of Sim cards in open places has been banned by the federal government. So is now illegal for a telecom operators or its representatives to register any sim card in an open place or uncontrolled environment.

Three persons were arrested in Abuja for registering Sim card in an open place. Salisu Abdu, Head of Enforcement Unit at the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), said:

"Government through the commission had issued a directive to all telecom operators since November to stop their agents from registering SIM cards under umbrellas and in kiosks effective from February 1, 2017." 

“SIM registration should only be done in a controlled environment- a permanent building with logos and structures of the operators in place - with identities of the agents doing the registration."

“We came up with this so we will be able to trace where SIM cards are registered to stem the tide of rising crimes, especially kidnapping and militancy"

He also said that 5million naira will be slammed from any network operator who disobey the directive.

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