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How To Change Your Registered Mobile Phone Number On Google Duo Video Calling App

It is quite easy to change mobile number on Google Duo and this process is straight forward,without wasting more time, this post will be on brief and also there are other guide we will be discussing regarding google duo.

Often times it may occur that after registering on Google Duo, you use another number instead of your main number. This can be changed anytime you want and it is not restricted to the numbers of times you can change it. More so, to change your number on Google Duo is not a straight forward step but we will be applying some good tricks on how to do this

How to Change Mobile Number on Google Duo

As we all know Google duo is an app that also enables video calling or in a more simple terms, a video calling app but it just not a video calling app because it has to do with Google whare house  and straightaway in the first of official release, it broke all the Play Store records to be the number 1 popular Android app.

Below Are the steps to change your Google Duo number

  • You need to first unregister your existing phone number you are using for Google Duo by taping on settings

  • and now tap on ‘Unregister phone number‘.

  • Confirmation will be required for your action, 

  • Now click Unregister as shown below

You have successfully unregistered your mobile number, without much delay you will be ask to give a working phone number and by not doing so you can't use the app for its main function of video calling. Make Provision for a new mobile number and click Next.

  • You will receive a code on your mobile number. Enter the code and you are good to go.

There you go, your mobile number has been changed officially and you can start enjoy Video calling with a new number.

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