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New Method To Increase Phone RAM For Rooted And Non Rooted Devices

No more lagging, slowness, hanging when using your smartphone and many others, when you expand or increase your smartphone phone RAM memory. There are sometimes, you might just be playing a heavy game and unfortunately, it starts to hang to the extent that you have to restart your phone; that's bad experience though.

RAM means Random Access Memory and it's different from your inbuilt memory storage because RAM works when you are doing something or running apps, widgets and many others with your phone. Meanwhile, there are two ways to increase RAM; rooting or not-rooting methods and they are going to be treated in this article.


How To Increase RAM Without Rooting Access

Disable Applications: There are some applications that run on background even when you didn't launch or run them and they make phone hang, so you just have to take time and disable such applications in order to improve your phone performance by going to Settings>>Apps>>All and the lists of all apps will be displayed then tap on them and disable the apps (Do not  disable follow-come or pre-installed Apps).


Limit Wallpapers And Widgets: These Widget and live wallpapers do reduce the performance of smartphone and of course, it kills battery faster. So try and remove or limit them in order for your smartphone to be more faster when in use.

Disable Animations: This steals RAM and kills battery as well. Try and disable it in order to increase the speed and performance of your smartphone and to enjoy your phone to the fullest. Just go to Settings>>Developer options (if you don't have a developer option, just tap on ABOUT PHONE six times and it will come out) then enter the developer options and scroll down to disable or turn off animations. As shown below:


How To Increase RAM With ROOT Access

This way needs ROOT and is just by creating a separate space on your SD card which will act as your secondary source of RAM. To do this, you need an application called ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP) that can be downloaded by clicking here (you can download it free by using blacksmart App or GetApk). So you will need a class 4 SD card or higher ones.

How To Check If Your Phone Is Compatible For Increasing RAM

  • Before you start, you will have to check if your phone is compatible to increase RAM by downloading MemoryInfo & Swapfile Download from playstore by clicking here.
  • Then run the app and give it ROOT Access Permission.
  • Then select your SD Card.
  • Then tap on CLICK FOR RESULT.

When your phone is compatible, it will display "Congratulations" appears your device is compatible with the RAM expander app!".

How To Finally Increase The RAM

  • If your phone is compatible, just run or launch the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP) app.
  • Then give it ROOT Access Permission and select English as your language.
  • Then use the slider to select the amount of space you want to add to your phone or better still, use the Optimal Value to automatically adjust the settings for the best performance, and make sure you enable autorun. As shown below:

  • Then after that, you can now finally tap on Swap activ to complete the process.

So by now, your smartphone should have more RAM and your phone will be more faster and performance increased through the support of your SD card.

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