Friday, 17 February 2017

Samsung Set To Announce Launch Date Of Galaxy S8 This February

According to new reports by one of South Korean's major publication, The Korea Economic Daily, Samsung will announce the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy S8 at the MWC which will take place on the 27th of February.

Before now, there have already been speculations that Samsung might announce the Galaxy S8 on the 29th of march and then release it a month after, but with this new report, I guess we all just have to wait for the MWC 2017 when the official launch date will be announced.

Rumour has it that the regular Galaxy S8 will feature a 5.8 - inch display while the Galaxy S8 plus is expected to come with a larger 6.2 - inch display. Both screens are expected to have curved edges and small bezels. The Galaxy S8 is also expected to come packed with the latest Snapdragon 850 chipset under the hood.

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