Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Airtel Discontinues 1GB For N100 Weekend Plan

Airtel weekend plan was one of the best data plans that airtel has ever introduced, getting 1GB for only N100 which will last for the whole weekend (Sartuday to Sunday) is very rare. The plan work as normal plan and can serve you for the whole weekend though not every one is eligeble for the plan.

But sadly, Airtel has decided to discontinue the plan, Airtel users now get a message confirming the sad development whenever they try to subscribe for the plan by dialing *474*1# and below is the message they got.

"This plan has been discontinued, dial *141# to select from our bouquet of data plans specially designed for you".

This plan has really helped too many people online to surf the net at a cheaper rate during weekends, I hope Airtel will introduce another similar plan in order not to loose some of their subscribers who joined because of this weekend plan.

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