Thursday, 27 April 2017

How To Stop Unwanted Messages From Airtel [Do Not Disturb Service]

The Airtel do not disturb service is a service that allows you stop airtel from sending you irrelevant messages such as promotional 3rd party messages.

No one wants to receive tons of unwanted messages each day from any network but it is rather unfortunate that this is what our service providers find fun in doing over the years, fortunately Airtel Nigeria has do not disturb allows you opt out of receiving the spam-like messages.

What I like about the service is that it allows you block certain categories while you receive messages from others, let's say your're a football fan, am very sure you wouldn't want to block your service provider from sending you the latest football news, fixtures and even match results. However you may not be interested in real estate news and offers so you can safely block messages about it.

How To Block All Airtel Promotional Messages

If you do not wish to receive messages from any category on the network you should Send "Stop" without the quote to 2442 .

How To Stop Receiving Messages From Selected Categories

You can block or stop receiving messages from certain categories by sending the following SMS commands:

  • SMS 1 To Stop Banking/Insurance/Financial SMS
  • SMS 2 To Stop Real Estate SMS
  • SMS 3 To Stop Education SMS
  • SMS 4 To Stop Health SMS
  • SMS 5 To Stop Consumer goods & Automobiles SMS
  • SMS 6 To Stop Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT SMS
  • SMS 7 To Stop Tourism & Leisure SMS
  • SMS 8 To Stop Sport SMS
  • SMS 9 To Stop Religion SMS

The SMS codes should be sent to 2442

To cancel the Airtel Do Not Disturb (DND) service and continue receiving messages from all categories send "OUT" to 2442 (without the quotes).

I hope this helps?

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