Wednesday, 30 August 2017

How To Automatically Delete Duplicate Files From Your Android Device

Android users are aware of the issue of duplicated files, especially in SDcard. This may result due to many reasons. A perfect example is the extracted files when we extract files sometimes they do duplicate or even stop while extracting. When this stops the extracted part will be saved which is totally useless and consumes lots of space. Secondly, it could be as a result of a faulty memory card or even your Device, it can also be as a result of whatsapp users sending the same files multiple times especially in a group chat (Although I have published a post on how to clear such whatsapp junk files automatically here)

I experienced same issues too which caused me troubles with storage. In some situations where I want to download a huge file, I find out my storage is full when I check I still can't find the reason for this. But later I noticed it was due to my faulty memory card which continuously duplicated files and saved them in a secret folder. Although after performing this tutorial am about to explain I had to dispose the SDcard avoiding future occurrences.

The tutorial is not a hefty type as it is simple and short. Easy and doesn't demand tweaking your device or even overhaul.


1. Your Android Device
2. Download Search Duplicate Files.apk from playstore or download from here

After downloading the app, follow the process below to start the App and clear duplicated files

How to Clear Duplicated Files With Search Duplicate Files

1. After downloading and installing this app from playstore.

2. Launch the app and allow it to access your files

3. After it done with accessing your files, it automatically marks all folders where you saved a file.

4. Now look at the lower part of your screen and click on the search icon

5. Immediately it begins to scan files and once done.

6. It displays duplicated files and automatically marks all of them.

 7. Now you can check the files to make sure you don’t lose important files, but if you are sure that major documents are safe and not saved with the same name just hit the delete of bin icon to delete these files and save some space for your device.

8. Once they are deleted scan again to confirm and see the magic.

Remember you have to set the storage in which you are searching for duplicated files from. That is from your SD Card or your device storage. Once that is done it frees up space for useful files to take it place.

Besides deleting duplicated files some other things can cause your device memory been full. But from what I noticed saved data from various social media apps, utility apps causes this. So when you see that you really do need space, you can clear the cache of a huge app or data.

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