Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Facebook Live Location Sharing Feature Enables You Share Location With Friends

Facebook just added a new feature to the messenger app. This new Facebook feature will enable users to share their live location with friends. The new feature is called live Location Sharing and it is powered by Google map.

The new live Location Sharing is pretty similar to Whatsapp's Live location tracking and it let's you share your current location with selected people. You can choose to share your location with a group of friends and families or just to a single person. And there is also an option to stop it at anytime.

Your shared location will  only be available for 24hours and a small count down clock is available to tell you how long you have left. Anytime you share your location, both you and whoever you share it with will be able to see the estimated time it will take you to get to their location by car.


If you don't want to share your current location, you have the option to share a static point on the map. To share a static location, click on the location pin and then tap on the red pin at the top right corner of the screen. After that just search for the location or just drag and drop the pin on any part of the map.

This feature is available to both iOS and Android users. It's also been rolled out globally, so just head over to your app store and update your messenger app to the latest version.

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