Wednesday, 5 April 2017

What You Should Know About This MTN Killer Number

I saw this post somewhere and I think everybody who have the same believe about this killer number need to read this and know the facts behind the so-called MTN Killer number.

After reading through this post and you still insist to hold on to your believe about the killer number, then you need serious white garment church beating... Lol


The post reads thus:

All through the weekend, we’ve heard of stories of people jumping into Lagos Lagoon for some unknown reasons and some people attributed it to this number calling people. They’ve flooded my WhatsApp with such messages.

In fact, I even read on nairaland about someone who received called and died, excerpt below;
Nollywood script writer, director & producer Chike Bryan Nnamani, a father of five, has died after he received a call from home while on his way to work, suddenly developed a stroke and died hours later after he was admitted at Lagos State Teaching hospital.

Facts You Should Know About 08030004900

>>The number 08030004900 is an MTN Nigeria telemarketing line used for promotions
>>Its mtn short code. Instead of calling with 4900, they call with a longer normal looking number
>>It’s only meant for marketing purposes only, hence can't be called
>>4900 is a short code used by MTN for their caller tunez promotional services and the full digit is is 08030004900
>>This number doesn't kill people
>>People who jumped into Lagos lagoon did that based on reasons known to them.

Stop spreading rumors all over, no sorcery attached to that number. If you are tired of receiving calls from that number, sue MTN to court.

I hope you now understand and have be cleared of that so-called MTN Killer Number most people are talking about? Good. Now that you have read and known the facts behind that number, why not tell your friends to stop panicking.

Share this post with them so they too can read and understand.

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