Friday, 28 April 2017

Glo Nigeria Has Drasticallly Reduced Their Data Volume [Very Bad]

Former Grandmasters of Data in Nigeria, Glo has eventually lost its position as the Grand Masters of Data. This is because Glo Nigeria has chosen to reduce the amount of data which will be allocated to their subscribers when they buy any of the Glo data plans; the reduction in the data volume is so drastic that even a deaf and dumb person will shout #BloodOfAbel...Lol

It actually sound funny but come to think of it, just last year October Etislat also reviewed their data plan subscription. Etisalat Nigeria reduced their 1.5GB data of N1000 to 1GB data for the same N1000. For more information about Etisalat data plan review please check our post on that by clicking here.

Although Globacom has drastically reduced their data but it is still welcoming; showing the fact that they are still ahead of other Networks in this data business. In this their review, they have made both their normal data subscribers and their 4G data subscribers pay for the same amount of data. Here is a breakdown of Glo new data plans compared to their previous data plan.

Globacom Nigeria Old Data Subscription Plans

3.2GB    ==> N1000
7.5GB    ==> N2000
10GB    ==> N2500
12GB    ==> N3000
18GB    ==> N4000
24GB    ==> N5000
48GB    ==> N8000
60GB    ==> N15000
90GB    ==> N18000

Globacom Nigeria New Data Subscription Plan

1.6GB   ==> N1000
3.75GB ==> N2000
5GB      ==> N2500
6GB      ==> N3000
8GB      ==> N4000
12GB    ==> N5000
16GB    ==> N8000
30GB    ==> N15000
45GB    ==> N18000

Changes in Glo Data Subscription Plans

N1000    ==> 1.6GB    instead of   ==> 3.2GB
N2000    ==> 3.75GB  instead of   ==> 7.5GB
N2500    ==> 5GB       instead of   ==> 10GB
N3000    ==> 6GB       instead of   ==> 12GB
N4000    ==> 8GB       instead of   ==> 18GB
N5000    ==> 12GB     instead of   ==> 24GB
N8000    ==> 16GB     instead of   ==> 48GB
N15000  ==> 30GB     instead of   ==> 60GB
N18000  ==> 45GB     instead of   ==> 90GB

My big worry is that, Glo is currently having network challenge in some parts of the country. Will these new data plans they have introduced make their customers stay put or rather make them loose potential subscribers like you and I?

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