Wednesday, 19 April 2017

How To Save Data When Using Mobile Hotspot

The internet has now make everything more easy and simple even in the comfort of your home, you can read news without buying newspaper and through your television, you can get all information needed. On your mobile phone, you can also share your mobile data to your friends or neighbours through hotspot to their PC or mobile phone and it doesn't take forever to do the connection for browsing.

Regardless, for some people who use the hotspot feature, their mobile data doesn't last but get exhausted faster than they expected which is not supposed to be. In these tips, you will learn how to save data while using mobile data.

6 Ways  To Save Data While Using Mobile Hotspot

  1. Turn Off Automatic Update: Before you proceed to use mobile hotspot, always try to turn off automatic update from your PC or mobile phone in order to save your data because when automatic update is enabled, your data would get exhausted immediately it is connected.
  2. Reduce The Use Of Multimedia: This is data killer especially when connected to video. So, if you want to save your data, you should avoid the watching of videos and streaming musics because huge or more data is required for playing musics and watching videos.
  3. Optimise Wi-Fi Settings: This is a sure way to save your data while connected to Hotspot. Always try to activate your Wi-Fi for shorter low-power Wi-Fi as this will make it possible for data to be less exhausted or consumed while connected with hotspot.
  4. Stop All Downloads: You have been downloading some files or updates with a public Wi-Fi and was unable to finish. However, you forgot to end the download and later connect your hotspot hmm, the download will definitely continue from where it stopped earlier and this will consume your data. So always try to end all downloads before connecting.
  5. Ensure You Always Observe Data Level: This is one of the best way to prevent data consumption especially when connected to an Hotspot. Always try to check your data level or data balance time to time even when you think you have enough data. This will help you to be conscious and careful of the way you use your data.
  6. Stop All Background Applications: There are Apps running in the background and some of them needs data to connect. These Apps can consume alot of data immediately you connect to an Hotspot. So, end all background apps before you connect to an Hotspot.

These tips are very helpful and informative. Follow them and spend less data when connected to a mobile hotspot.

Hope these tips help?

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