Friday, 14 April 2017

Price Of New Ntel Unilimited Data Plans For Smartphones

Ntel company introduced an unlimited data plan in Nigerian when they first started operation in the country last year 2016. The unlimited data from Ntel was actually supposed to be a data test promo which was expected to last for only 3 months but the company instead of ending it, kept  it running even after the initial 3 months.

They recently introduced cheaper data plans which are limited to certain Megabits (MB) or Gigabits (GB) and also data/voice plan combo. This is coming just after the initial unlimited data plan to mark their one year of operation in Nigeria.

However, Ntel has again introduced new tariff for its smartphone unlimited data plans. The prices of their unlimited data plans have been slightly increased.

Below is the list of Ntel's old and new unlimited tariffs.

The New Ntel Smartphone Unlimited Tariffs

  • Smartphone Unlimited Monthly: up from N10,000 to N12,500. 30-day validity
  • Smartphone Unlimited Weekly: up from N3,000 to N3,750. 7-day validity
  • Smartphone Unilimited Lite: up from N1,000 to N1,500 weekly. 2-day validity

Although all plans listed above are unlimited, your internet speed will be throttled, that is it will not be as fast as it was when your data usage gets to the daily limit.

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