Monday, 15 May 2017

Have You Seen This New Facebook Thankful Reaction Feature?

Have you seen the new reaction Facebook has added to the its numerous reactions?

Facebook, one of the social media giant is tirelessly working hard to improve on its apps and to make users get the most of the Facebook application as well as making the use of the Facebook app more fun. The team behind the main Facebook application has added a new reaction in addition to its other reactions already existing on users post.


The new reactions Facebook added is called "Thankful" it is represented using a flower icon as you can see below:

To start using it:
  1. Simply go to any user's post on Facebook
  2. Click and hold until the reactions come up
  3. Now click on the flower icon (which is the Thankful reaction).

You can also use it within post comments by following the same process above.

If you can not see the new reaction, simply go to Play Store and update your Facebook application or Click Here to update.

Facebook will not stop until it takes over the social media 100%... and I'm sure as usual, Facebook users are now misusing this new thankful reaction feature...Lol 😂😂

If you're one of them, Lemme see your hands up... 👆👆

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