Friday, 12 May 2017

Goole's New Mobile Search Design Is Nonsense -Just See It

I saw this news online about Google trying to change the User Interface (UI) which is the design that will show on every mobile phone screen when they search for anything on with their phone. I thought it was a joke until I found out how it looked myself.

I just wish Google will listen to this gif culled from Drake's song below...Lol

I really felt bad when I confirmed the new look Google is trying to adapt into the Mobile Search UI. Why on earth will google even think of changing their Blue, Green and Black colors to just Black and White?

Well I still want to believe it is just a test sha😉, they should rather make the design look more beautiful😎 instead of this trash design😞, else they will make users finding it difficult to access vital information because they won't recognize their left from their right.

Anyways, I think you too need to see this new Google Mobile UI design.

The picture above is the old design google is using which contain blue, green and black color combinations and it looks so neat. I guess you agree with me abi? Lol

While this picture above is the one Google is currently testing and it looks so dull, so awful.... In fact I feel like vomiting mere looking at it 😥😭 Lol

Somebody should please tell Google to #BringBackOurOldGoogleUI

Do you also hate the new Design or you like it?

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