Monday, 15 May 2017

Download Infinix System Update App To Upgrade Your Phone To The Latest Version

For sometime now we have been talking about Infinix! Infinix!! Infinix!!!... Well that is because Infinix has been making sure their users get the best of their products. We recently told you about the smartphones likely to get Android 7 Nougat updates on this blog and how Infinix has kept to their promise by release Android Nougat updates for most Infinix devices.

Although some didn't get the updates and went ahead to update via FTCard either using PC or Manual update method. However you did yours, today I will be showing you an application every Infinix user must have in his/her smartphone.

The app is developed and released by Infinixmobility and it is called System Update. Using the System Update app from Infinix, the struggle of downloading your Infinix phone update from elsewhere will be a thing of the past because this System Update app from Infinix will enable you automatically check for update for your Infinix device, download the update if it founds any and then automatically install the downloaded update.

How To Use The Infinix System Update Application

It is very easy to use the Infinix System Update application because even a newbie can understand how to navigate within the application since he/she can read.

Make sure your phone is charged to at least 50% before updating
DO NOT upgrade with this method if your phone is rooted.
  • First you have to be sure that the System Update is installed in your Infinix device, if not, you can download the Infinix System Update app by Clicking Here.
  • Open the application and wait till the System Update automatically detect any available Update for your device.
  • After the app must have found an update for your device, click on Download to download the update.
  • After downloading, run the update to upgrade your infinix smartphone to the latest version.

That is just all there is to using the System Update app from Infinixmobility.

I hope this short article helps? Ask us any question you have regarding the use of this app and we'll get in touch.

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